Alex Jacquemin

"Alex Jacquemin’s new release combines the sounds of European and American jazz with the rich, sensuous melodies of Africa and the Middle East. Sexy, playful, mystical, it transports you to new states of mind, where anything is possible".

Valerie Gladstone, writer for The New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times.

O’s Place Jazz Magazine review

“Guitarist Alex Jacquemin makes extensive use of loops to mix his prowess with electric cellist Yoed Nir to create this two-disc compilation of his music from 2008-2011. Disc 1, ZANCHIN is somewhat darker in contrast with the bright character of CHARMS, the second disc. We enjoyed them both. The music is an eclectic blend of jazz-fusion with melodies from Africa and the Middle East. It is music that stimulates the mind if you are open enough to engage”.